Ste vo svete kontaktných šošoviek nováčik?

New to contact lenses?

Contact lenses are excellent for people who are in constant movement and need to

use the most of their vision. With wearing glasses it can be unconvinient to take part

in some of the activities. You can drop your glasses, or even worse somebody can

step on them and brake them. In these kind of activities, with a lot of movement it is

much more easier to wear contact lenses which we, eOpticians recommend. We will

give an example of some outdoor activities such as sports. It's almost impossible to

focus on the game while playing football, basketball or to play water sports with


If you feel like it's time to start wearing lenses, first it is important to understend them.

Also think how often do you want to wear them and in what kind of activities you want

to participate while wearing them. There are two types of contact lenses, hard and

soft. Hard lenses are made of plastics or sometimes from silicone or

fluoropolymers. Soft lenses are most common today because they are comfortable

and you can buy them in many versions. We will describe some types of soft lenses

considering the period of use.

Daily lenses are least expensive and your eye can feel fresh on a daily basis

because you change them to new ones each day. They are worn only during the day

and in the morning you put new ones. This is also the reason why they are also the

healthiest ones.

Weekly and two weekly lenses have a planned period of time to wear them. It can

be one week of two weeks depending which ones you choose to buy. They are also

healthy because they are less period of time in the eye. They are worn during the day

and at night they are put in the solution for lenses.

Monthly lenses are usually worn for 30 days during the daytime only. At night they

have to be put into the solution. Some types of monthly lenses can be also worn

during the night.

There are also available other types of lenses taking into consideration the indication.

Spherical lenses are common lenses with round deisgne. They are made for

correcting nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Toric lenses are shaped in a specific way. They are used to correct astigmatism.

One of the lenses surfaces has a "cap". They give different ‘’sight’’ in different

meridians or angles.

Multifocal lenses are used for both far and near distance sight. They can be soft or

hard. They can correct presbyopia, type of vision disorder that occurs with aging. 

Coloured lenses can be used both in medical causes and as fashion accessory.

They can be used to alter the look or just for one special occasion.

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