Boston Advance Conditioner (120 ml)

Contact lens solutions
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Bausch + Lomb
100 - 300 ml
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For hard contact lenses
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Bausch & Lomb Boston Advance Conditioner (care product)

For gas permeable hard and hard contact lenses

The product cannot be used with soft contact lenses!

  • It features a patented Multi-polimer comfort system that is physiologically compatible with your eyes.

  • Coating the surface of the lenses to cushion them from the moment they are applied to the eye, providing enhanced wetting throughout the day.

  • Reduces chafing caused by corneal and eyelid abrasions while removing foreign bodies from the lens surface that cause irritation and discomfort.

  • Optimized preservative system helps protect your eyes from harmful organisms.

Instructions for use
For information about the product and important safety precautions, follow the instructions of your contactologist and read the leaflet included in the product packaging.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly before use.
2. Clean your lenses following the instructions for use of the lens cleaning fluid.
3. Insert your lenses into the lens case, then fill with fresh Boston Advance Conditioner fluid.
4. Allow your lenses to soak for at least four (4) hours before inserting them into your eyes.
5. After removing your lenses from the lens cases, rinse your lenses with fresh fluid.
6. Always clean the lens case thoroughly with hot water and allow to air dry.

If you experience irritation or increased tear discharge, if it becomes persistent or increases in intensity, or if your vision deteriorates, stop using the product and contact your contact physician immediately!

Do not use the cleaner if the safety seal on the neck of the bottle is missing or damaged!
Always use fresh liquid.
Never store your lenses in the cleaning liquid.
Do not use the cleaner after the expiry date!
Discard the bottle and the conditioner after ninety (90) days from the date of opening!
Do not use the conditioner if you are allergic to any of its ingredients!
Storage between 15°C and 30°C.

Keep out of reach of children!
Boston Advance Conditioner should not be used with soft lenses.

Composition: polyaminopropyl biguanide (0.0005 w/v%), chloro-xyquinidine gluconate (0.003 w/v), disodium edetate (0.05 w/v). Salts and buffering agents, polyquaternium 10, cellulose viscosifier, polyvinyl alcohol, derivatized polyethylene glycol..
Do not use this liquid if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Bausch&Lomb Incorporated
1400 N. Goodman St.
Rochester NY 14609 USA

Made in Italy



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