ReNu MPS Sensitive Eyes (360 ml)
ReNu MPS Sensitive Eyes (360 ml)

ReNu MPS Sensitive Eyes (360 ml)

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Bausch&Lomb ReNu MPS 360 ml care fluid excellent choice for people with sensitive eyes.

ReNu MPS helps to ensure comfortable and healthy contact lens wear.

Please read and follow the instructions for use carefully

Instructions for use
To clean and disinfect, follow these simple steps.

STEP 1: Apply 3 drops of ReNu MPS Multi-Purpose Solution to both sides of the lens surface and rub gently for 20 seconds.

STEP 2:Thoroughly rinse both sides of the lens with ReNu MPS Multipurpose Liquid
STEP 3:Place the cleaned contact lens in the lens holder case and refill with fresh ReNu MPS Multipurpose Liquid. Soak for at least 4 hours. Remember to always use fresh solution.
Lenses are ready to use. No need for saline rinsing. If any contamination remains on the surface, rinse with ReNu MPS multi-purpose fluid before insertion.
Always follow your eye doctor's instructions. Depending on individual tear chemistry and lens wear schedule, your eye care professional may recommend additional products or procedures.

CLEANING:Some wearers may need an enzymatic cleanser for protein removal. Please consult your eye doctor.

STORAGE: You can store the lenses in the opened lens case, ready to wear, for up to 30 days.

Ingredients: A sterile, isotonic solution containing boron noid, disodium edetate, 1% polyoxamine, sodium borate and sodium chloride; preserved with DYMED (polyamino propyl biguanide) 0.00005%.

ABILITY: Cleans, loosens and removes film, deposits and contaminants from soft contact lenses. Destroys harmful microorganisms on the surface of the lenses. Rinses, stores and rewets lenses before insertion.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this product, do not use.


  • It is important to follow all labeling instructions for the appropriate use of lenses and long-term care products, including the lens case.
  • Ocular problems, including corneal ulcers, can develop quickly and lead to vision loss.
  • Daily disposable lenses should not be worn at night and should not be worn during sleep.
  • Clinical studies have shown that wearing lenses overnight increases the risk of serious adverse side effects.
  • Lenses should be removed regularly for cleaning and disinfection, disposal and replacement according to a schedule prescribed by the eye care professional.
  • Clinical studies have shown that long-term contact lens wearers have a higher incidence of serious adverse effects than daily contact lens wearers. If you experience eye discomfort, excessive watering, vision problems or blinking, remove the lenses immediately and contact your eye doctor immediately.
  • It is recommended that contact lens wearers see their doctor twice a year, or more often if instructed.
  • Each time you store your lenses, refill the lens case with fresh solution. You must discard the solution without disposal after the lenses are removed from the lens case.
  • Remove the solution, then clean and rinse the lens case with ReNu MPS Multipurpose Liquid. Keep the lens case dry after cleaning. To allow the solution to run off, you can turn the lens case over while air drying. Replace the lens case every month.


  • Always follow the manufacturing instructions. Failure to follow product instructions may result in loss of vision.
  • Visit your eye doctor regularly
  • Always wash and dry your hands before handling lenses.
  • Do not use tap water, bottled water or saliva with lenses or lens cases.
  • Use only fresh solution to clean and disinfect contact lenses.
  • Salt or rewetting drops will not disinfect lenses. Always replace lenses according to the instructions.
  • Always replace your lenses every month.
  • To avoid contamination, do not touch the tip of the container to any surface.
  • Replace the cap after use.
  • Do not use eye medication with the liquid, only under medical supervision.
  • Do not use for heat (thermal) disinfection.
  • The bottle should be kept tightly closed when not in use.
  • Should be used before the expiry date indicated on the can and bottle.
  • Discard any remaining solution within 90 days of opening.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Store at room temperature.


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