Starostlivosť o kontaktné šošovky

Contact lens care

If you are still new to wearing contact leneses, it is very important to know how to

take care of them to prevent possible risk of eye infection. Information about contact

lenses is becoming more available to everyone and all that is needed to do is to

follow the instructions.

As online contact lenses provider we recommend firstly to have examination before

any use of contact lenses. Second, not to over-use the lenses which varies from

different types of lenses. Daily lenses are the healtiest type of lenses because they

are replaced daily and reduce the risk of infection. At all times lenses have to be

clean and replaced regularly (according with their period of usage). In any case, do

not use damaged lenses.

It's also important to always wash your hands when in contact with eyes and lenses

not to transfer germs or bakteria on te lense. Make sure your hands are dry when you

are in contact with them. When they are not in the eye they always have to be in the

recommened solution. When it comes to solutions, don't use old expired solutions

and don't put them to smaller bottles if you are travelling because it is also another

way to get contaminated if the bottle is not sterile. Never put them into water because

they will get contaminated.

We, eOpticians also advise not to be in enviroment that is bad for contact lenses

such as smoked areas. It can iritate the eye and the lenses.

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