Progent SP-Intensivreiniger (2x5 db)
Progent SP-Intensivreiniger (2x5 db)

Progent SP-Intensivreiniger (2x5 db)

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1 puzdro na šošovka2x5 dávok odstraňovača bielkovín (Progent A a B)
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Progent SP-Intensive cleaner

Protein remover and disinfecting solution for all rigid gas permeable lenses. Progent instructions.

Progent protein remover instructions for use contains important information. Please read carefully and retain for the future reference.

Indications / Progent instructions
Protein remover and disinfecting solution for all rigid gas permeable lenses.


  • Clean your lenses thoroughly with regular cleaning solution. Place the lenses into Progent Vial caps in its appropriate right or left holder: R = right, L = left, for intensive clearing.
  • Open both doses carefully, by holding upright. Gently and slowly twist the tip, without touching the opening or squeezing for dose.
  • Insert the tip of dose inside the Menicon Progent intensive cleaner, Progent Vial and fill slowly, first with A solution, then B solution, taking care not to spill any solution.
  • Close the Progent Vial cap securely gently shake it a few times.
  • Soak the lenses in Progent for 30 minutes maximum.
  • Remove the Progent progent lens cleaner Vial cap, empty its content. Rinse the lenses in the holder thoroughly with the regular rinsing solution.
  • Then clean the lense thoroughly with the regular solution and rinse them. The lenses may then be wom or stored in the storage case.
  • Rinse the Progent Vial and its cap thoroughly with the rinsing solution and let them air dry.

Do not apply Progent protein remover to the eyes, the nose and the mouth. In case of misuse, rinse immediately your eyes thoroughly with the water and consult your eye care practitioner.
It is essential to rinse the lensen abundantly with the rinsing and regular solution after soaking them in Progent solution.

  • Do not soak lenses in Progent for over 30 minutes. Lensed might discolour.
  • However this will not affect their quality.
  • Important: do not swallow.
  • To be used weekly for daily use (and on removing extended wear lenses)
  • Do not use Progent A and B solutions separately.
  • Single use doses. Discard the solution and the doses after each use.
  • Store at the room temperature (15-25 °C)
  • Avoid contact with the skin and do not spill Progent on your clothes. It may bleach them.
  • Do not use Progent A and B after expiry date printed on the single dose.
  • Store out of direct sunlight.

Do not use for soft lenses.
Do not use if allergic to one of the ingredients.

Adverse reactions
If you experience persistent discomfort or irritation, remove your lenses, stop using teh product and consult your eye care professional.
Contact lens disinfection
Progent acts as a disinfectant for microorganisms (bacteria, moulds, viruses, amoebae) in just 5 minutes of soaking.
progent contact lens cleaner is available in boxes 5 pairs of Progent A and B with one Progent Vial and starter kit.
Solution A: NaCIO 20,3 mg, purified water ad 5ml/dose
Solution B: KBr 30,75 mg, purified water ad 5ml/dose

CE 0483

Progent reviews: Progent is a protein remover that works well with any Menicon contact lens cleaner.

Menicon Progent intensive cleaner manufacturer: Menicon Pharma S.A.S

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Parc’d Innovation - F - 67400 Illkirch Graffenstaden

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