Spray & Clean (15 ml)

Contact lens solutions
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Spray & Clean
less than 100 ml, Flight pack
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Multipurpose solution
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Menicon Spray&Clean is a preservative-free disinfectant that is used exclusively for cleaning hard, gas-permeable contact lenses. Not for use on soft lenses.


  • Be sure to wash your hands and towel dry before use!
  • Remove the contact lens from your eye and place it in the palm of your hand.
  • Spray Spray & Clean on both sides of the lens, then gently rub your fingers over the surface of the lens.
  • Place the contact lens in the appropriate contact lens holder and rinse with MeniCare Plus care solution or other suitable cleaning solution.
  • Place the contact lens in the storage case and fill it with MeniCare Plus care solution.
  • Rinse the lens with MeniCare care solution before use.


Accurate warning:

Do not use with soft contact lenses!
Do not spray cleaner directly into the eye!
Store at room temperature out of sunlight.


Ingredients: sodium olefin sulfonate 0.75%, PEG-octylphenyl ether 0.45%, EDTA 2 Na 0.02%, purified water q.s. 100


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